Reposted from this post on my other blog, from July 31, 2007 – but still applicable!

Yesterday’s Forum Post of the Day on WoW Insider was BlizzCon etiquette tips. I was bored, so I wrote up a few to add to the list (the forum thread, sadly, degenerated pretty quickly into “omg dwafr girls r uggoz”):

  • Don’t attempt to bribe Blizzard employees with in-game cash. For some reason, it never works.
  • When announcing that you’ve found an extraordinary item, or that you would like to purchase one, remember to begin with “slash two”. Otherwise, you’ll just confuse the people around you.
  • Blizzcon has a clipping bug that prevents you from walking through other players as you can in the normal game. The staff ask that you not exploit this bug by blocking doorways, corridors, or other commonly-used thoroughfares.
  • It is considered rude to kill the Critters that you may see around and outside Blizzcon, and doing so may be grounds for a permanent ban.
  • Dueling is not permitted within Blizzcon. Although there are no mechanics that prevent it, doing so may be grounds for a permanent ban.
  • Although the people who sell food, drinks, equipment and goods at Blizzcon are technically vendors, they generally will not buy what you have in your backpack or in other containers. Also, you may discover that there are no vendors in Blizzcon who can repair damaged equipment. This is a known issue, and should not be reported to Blizzcon staff.
  • Like Shattrath City, Blizzcon is neutral territory. You will find that you are unable to flag for PVP. This is normal, and should not be reported to Blizzcon staff.
  • While mounts are convenient in Azeroth and Outlands, they are discouraged in Blizzcon. An issue with the clipping bug mentioned above causes mounts used in Blizzcon to deal damage to other players on impact, and staff may see this as an attempt to circumvent the rules against dueling and PVP combat. In addition, Blizzcon maintenance has requested that live mounts be restricted from entering entirely, due to certain debuffs that they impose on the carpeting.
  • Use spells such as Slow Fall and Levitate to go from one level of Blizzcon to another at your own risk, as players report that these spells have been unreliable at best in past Blizzcons.
  • No matter what anyone tells you, Nethaera and Drysc are not raid bosses. They do have loot tables, but accessing them is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Although the ATM does offer convenient access to the bank, you are discouraged from attempting to fit items larger than an envelope through the Deposit slot.
  • Although there are gardens and stones immediately outside of Blizzcon, using them to improve gathering tradeskills is discouraged and may result in being banned.
  • It is likely that part of the gift bag given to Blizzcon attendees will be an in-game pet. It is expected that you will be excited about this, but this does not give you an excuse to display your “personal pet” to other players without their permission. If you do so in public, you should be aware that other players may tease you about your “pet” and your taste in bringing it out in public.
  • “Oh, sorry, clipping bug” is not an excuse. You know who you are.

Do you have any to add?

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