Trion Worlds just announced the first expansion for their MMO RIFT, RIFT: Storm Legion. From the Gamespot article:

Storm Legion comes with not just one, but two entire continents; all told, Rift will more than triple in size. […]

Storm Legion also brings with it a new city to call home: Tempest Bay, a bastion for both Guardians and The Defiant. The expansion also brings with it a brand new soul for each calling, though Hartsman was frustratingly (and charmingly) mum on just what these souls may be. […]

Rift: Storm Legion is about more, more, and even more. There’s a new level cap (60, up 10 levels), new dungeons, new raids (2, to be exact), and a new Chronicle (that is, a challenging, story-driven instance). There are individual stories to be told in each of these content types, though they culminate in Storm Legion’s primary narrative arc, which involves Crucia, the Queen of Storms, and the legions she hopes to bring to Telara through the mysterious Infinity Gate.

More information at Gamespot and the official RIFT: Storm Legion website.

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