Of all the things for an ex-raider to be playing and enjoying, I’m actually spending most of my gaming time on a web-based dragon-breeding game called Flight Rising these days. Gathering treasure and items, breeding dragons, and fighting with them in the Coliseum is, unexpectedly, really compelling.

Of course, the fact that the wiki is woefully incomplete has been taking up a lot of my time, too. I’m pretty sure I wrote half of the non-item pages on the wiki at the moment, in addition to building templates and doing behind-the-scenes stuff for other editors. Again, it’s weirdly compelling.

If you’ve a mind to join me, my username is res_umbrarum; look me up.

In actual MMO news, I went back and tried RIFT and WOW for a little bit. Because of how RIFT‘s network interface is structured, the game is actually pretty much unplayable on my internet; if I can log into the server at all, none of the NPCs load (I sometimes get voices and the “column of light” that means that a figure is being drawn from the server to render), and it takes several full seconds just to open my bags (which is weird, because I would have figured that would be client-side). Also, patching is still a pain in the ass; I talked to the official rep on Twitter, whose response to “it sucks to have to get up at 2 AM to log in so I can patch” was “yes, players in your situation have to do that”. Not exactly the response I was looking for.

WOW, on the other hand, still works decently well. I didn’t log into my main account; instead, I started a trial account. The new-player experience is actually kind of invigorating; I can’t mail myself heirlooms, bags, or gold, so I’m stuck doing things the hard way, and despite what all the old hands (who have leveled from 1-90 with heirlooms, 20-slot bags, and thousands of gold) say, there’s still quite a bit of game there. My favorite character at the moment is a level 5 undead rogue, but she’s by no means the only character I’ve put any time into. (And, again, without heirlooms, gold, or bags, it actually does take more than five minutes to get out of the 1-10 area, which is nice.)

And, of course, Guild Wars 2 is still playable; I ran around on the last day of the dragon festival hitting piƱatas and racing moas, and it was great. My friend Jess and I talked about the difference between RIFT and GW2, and she summed it up nicely: “Compared to RIFT, GW2 feels as advanced as RIFT felt compared to WOW.” It’s true; the game is, frankly, just better.

(I haven’t even touched SWTOR. The same problem I have with RIFT continues with SWTOR, and unlike RIFT, I have a lot more of SWTOR to download before I can play…)

So that’s what I’ve been playing recently. What have you been up to?

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