Well, I caved. After nine months away from the game, I finally bought 30 days of game time for World of Warcraft. Amusingly, it was with the intent of playing with Alex – and we haven’t managed a single minute of play time together since I bought in. Instead, I’ve been largely playing my draenei paladin, Rolastra. She’s currently in her early 70s (I think I hit 71 the last time I played), and wading her way through the Howling Fjord up in Northrend. (She hit 68 less than halfway through Nagrand, and her hearthstone’s been set in Dalaran since Wrath was the current expansion, so it was easy to just pop on up.)

Rolastra is actually the character I created with the express intent of seeing how far I could get her just by running dungeons, and I intended her to be my tanking character once I hit max level (which was 80 back then). I spent a lot of time running a lot of dungeons with my friend Jess’s priest Noore, but between Jess quitting WOW and my connection moving from smooth, buttery cable to “an internet connection only in the broadest sense of the term” satellite, I haven’t run a single dungeon since before Mists of Pandaria was released, and in light of that, I figured I’d see how Rol did in the wild.

Turns out she’s pretty fun to play. She was 50 when I stopped dungeoning with her, and while I won’t say those 21 levels have been easy to come by, they’re a lot easier than I thought they’d be. For some reason, too, I have much less trouble with her than I do with my Death Knight Ixtamna, which is why Rol is getting my attention and Ixy is sitting, unloved, in Paw’don village. (Let’s not mention poor Theande, who is currently on the Timeless Isle waiting for me to get her the hell back to the Alliance Shrine because between my connection and her squishiness, the Isle is a deathtrap, of the “literally spending more gold in repairs than I’m getting in drops and grey items” variety.)

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