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“Theande was a proud Alliance healer, but something changed during the Pandarian campaign. She’s followed Garrosh to the past not to aid or stop him, but to take revenge on the orcs who caused the destruction of Draenor.”

Theande is a multi-phase fight; the phase shifts depending on her health.

Phase 1

Theande begins the fight in Shadowform, which reduces damage dealt to her by 10% and heals her for 0.5% of the spell damage she deals. Two tanks are usually recommended due to her Mind Blast effect. She attacks the player at the top of her threat list physically, and casts the following spells:

  • Mind Blast – Theande casts Mind Blast on her primary target every ten seconds, on average, which deals substantial damage and reduces healing done to that player by 30%. This debuff lasts 15 seconds and stacks, with the duration refreshing every time she successfully casts the spell. Tanks should switch off immediately after the spell hits. Mind Blast cannot be interrupted.
  • Mind Sear – every thirty seconds, Theande casts Mind Sear, targeting a random player. This deals moderate damage every second for three seconds to everyone within 20 yards of the targeted player. Theande emotes with the player’s name before beginning the channel, and does not attack the tank during this time, so players should move away from the named character. The Mind Sear channel can be interrupted.
  • Summon Shadowfiend – Theande periodically summons a Shadowfiend at one of four locations around the room. These have a threat table, but start off attacking the nearest player. They deal moderate physical damage, and increase Theande’s spell damage by 50% for 30 seconds if they are killed, so they should be kited around the room. This spell is instant and cannot be interrupted.

Phase 2

When Theande reaches 50% health, she will leave Shadowform, and all Shadowfiends will despawn (without giving her their spell power bonus). At this point she loses her threat table and begins healing herself. She uses the following spells:

  • Heal – Theande heals herself for 10% of her maximum health. This spell takes two seconds to cast and can be interrupted.
  • Power Word: Shield – A spirit barrier appears to protect Theande, absorbing damage equal to 5% of her health. This cannot be interrupted but can be dispelled.
  • Penance – Theande targets a random member of the raid and attacks them magically, dealing massive damage in three bursts over 1.5 seconds. This channel can be interrupted. Theande emotes with the name of the player she is attacking when she uses Penance.
  • Holy Nova – This deals moderate damage to anyone within 20 yards of Theande and heals her for 5% of her maximum health. This cannot be interrupted.
  • Renew – This heals Theande for 25% of her maximum health over 10 seconds. It can be dispelled, but not interrupted.

If Theande reaches 65% of her maximum health again, she returns to Shadowform and Phase 1.

Theande’s focus shifts from damaging the players to healing herself as her health drops. If she drops below 11% of her maximum health, she casts Inner Fire, which doubles her casting speed (but not casting frequency) and the effectiveness of her healing spells. This effect falls off when she rises back above 25% of her maximum health.

If the fight with Theande lasts longer than twelve minutes, she enrages; her casting speed, casting frequency, and area of effect double, and the effectiveness of all of her spells triples.

When Theande is reduced to 1% of her maximum health, she surrenders, turns friendly (for Alliance characters) or non-hostile (for Horde characters), and offers the victors her cache of trophies.


  • [Make Up Your Mind]: Allow Theande to return from her healing form to Shadowform four times in a single battle before defeating her.
  • [Stronger Than You Can Imagine]: Destroy four Shadowfiends within 10 seconds, then defeat Theande.

Notable loot

  • [Tea Chalice]: Spell power trinket. Use: change your character’s gender for 10 minutes.
  • [Falling Star]: Two-handed DPS mace. Best in slot for retribution paladins.
  • [Roll of Adhesive]: Off-hand frill; increases intellect, haste and critical strike.


  • Aggro: “Why do you insist on delaying my revenge?”
  • Mind Blast: “Your mind cannot withstand these torments.”
  • Mind Sear: “Watch, [name], as your friends run in terror!”
  • Summon Shadowfiend: “My friend from the Nether would like to meet you!”
  • Phase 2: “No! I must gather my strength!”
  • Penance: “The Light will show you no mercy, [name].”
  • Holy Nova: “Get away from me!”
  • Re-entering phase 1: “I feel so much better now.”
  • Burn phase: “I won’t let you stop me!”
  • Enrage: “You’ve wasted enough of my time.”
  • Player death: “Tragic.”
  • Surrender: “Enough! I see… the error of my ways.”
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